2013 APRIL SET SUBJECT "COLOURFUL" - queenstownphotographyclub

"FIERY SUNRISE" by ALICIA MOSS; Grade: Not Accepted. (Junior member)
This is an image that had potential but unfortunately it hasn’t been realised. The burn out
in the middle suggests there is enough available light to achieve a result but the image is
not sharp and there is a lot of colour noise in the clouds. Looking at the metadata we have
an ISO of 233, an aperture of f4.8 and a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second. A
photographer should be able to handhold for a sharp image down to 1/80th of a second
(just) and some claim to be able to hand hold down to 1/60th but I wouldn’t recommend it.
You can get this effect on a DSLR if your are using a tripod with the image stabilisation
turned on but that’s not the case with this camera. Overcropping into a distant subject can
also result in an image that’s not sharp but again I don’t think that’s the case here. The
Powershot A700 is a fairly low res camera by todays standard and it may well be that the
small 6 megapixel sensor just wasn’t up to the high contrast environment you were trying
to shoot.