2013 APRIL SET SUBJECT "COLOURFUL" - queenstownphotographyclub

"COLOURS OF ULURU" by SANDRA DAN; Grade: Not Accepted.
Uluru is a subject with great potential and the evening sunset shots manage to transcend
cliché. This shot was taken at 8:30pm with the settings of ISO200 f/4 and a shutter speed
of 1/80th of a second. I suspect that this is hand held when a tripod should have been
used as there is a lack of sharpness which the author has tried to fix using the sharpening
tools in their photo editor. Unfortunately it shows with a pronounced fringing evident
around the edges of the rock. So a tripod and a polariser to give a bit of punch to the sky
would have helped here. Guess I can’t say go back and do it again but as Barry Smith
FPSNZ used to say “there are two types of landscape photographers...Those that use a
tripod and those that should.”