2013 APRIL SET SUBJECT "COLOURFUL" - queenstownphotographyclub

"BUCKINGHAM BELLES" by LYNLEY FOOTE; Grade: Highly Commended.
Another nice and bright shot that meets the brief well. The settings are interesting here.
ISO250, f/10 and 1/80th of a second. The shutter speeds not quite high enough for the
scene as is shown by the slightly blurred dresses. In situations like this its good to have
the dresses either very blurred to give a sense of movement or crisp and sharp. In this
instance it’s somewhat in between. If the belles were standing still I’d possibly opt to drop
the shutter speed a bit more to accentuate the movement but it’s a risky option unless
you’re sure about what you are doing. The safer option would have been to have opened
you aperture up a bit to f/8 and push your shutter speed to 1/150th. I was going to give this
a merit but have upgraded to a Highly Commended because I love the way you’ve
caught the expression on the face of the belle in the lefthand middle ground.